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Price List Private Dental Treatment

New Patient Check Up - Examination -  £50

Comprehensive private dental check up includes all required x rays

Regular Patient Check up - £45

Comprehensive private dental check up for a previously registered patient 

Emergency Appointment - £50

Emergency appointment booked on the day - does not include treatment 

Comparison/Second opinion of another plan - £50

Have you recently been advised to have certain treatment and would like a second opinion 

Scale and polish with dentist - £80

Removal of plaque and external tooth staining + application of preventative medicine 

Improves oral hygiene and dental health preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

White fillings for incisors - £110

White fillings for front incisors. Does not include Composite bonding full cosmetic rebuilds 

White fillings - for premolars - £140-£170

Premium quality White fillings for premolars , using the most advanced materials and placement techniques to ensure long lasting aesthetic fillings

White fillings - for molars - £150-£180

White fillings for back teeth , using the most advanced materials and placement techniques to ensure the highest quality of filling

Metal Fillings - £85-£90

Metal fillings for back teeth 

Gum Disease Examination - Includes Private Check up + Complete Periodontal Exam - £80

Complete assessment of the condition of your gum health and related tissues. Includes standard dental check up + diagnosis of periodontal conditions , current status of health , assessments + x rays and treatment options + life long prevention care plans.

Extraction - Single root tooth extraction £100

Extraction of an incisor or premolar tooth. Does not include molar teeth or wisdom teeth  

Extraction - Molar tooth £150

Extraction of molar tooth upper and lower - does not include wisdom teeth

Private Dentures - from £450 per arch

We offer a range of different types of dentures starting from £450 per set 

Book in for a consultation to discuss the different options

Patient Plan - Amber/Medium Risk Category £22 per month 

Following our unique assessment of your dental health , condition and oral hygiene. We place you in a green , yellow or red risk category for suffering from specific dental issues.

Amber category - Medium Risk Plan

Includes 2 check ups per year and 2 Scale and Polishes 

You will also receive 5% off treatment.

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