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Price List Private Dental Treatment

New Patient Check Up - Examination -  £60

Comprehensive private dental check up includes all required x rays

Regular Patient Check up - £50

Comprehensive private dental check up for a previously registered patient 

Emergency Appointment - £50

Emergency appointment booked on the day - does not include treatment 

Comparison/Second opinion of another plan - £50

Have you recently been advised to have certain treatment and would like a second opinion 

Scale and polish with dentist - £130
Scale and polish with hygienist - £80

Removal of plaque and external tooth staining + professional prophylactic care

Improves oral hygiene and dental health preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

White fillings for incisors - £110 - £130

White fillings for front incisors. Does not include Composite bonding full cosmetic rebuilds 

White fillings - for premolars - £140-£170

Premium quality White fillings for premolars , using the most advanced materials and placement techniques to ensure long lasting aesthetic fillings

White fillings - for molars - £150-£180

White fillings for back teeth , using the most advanced materials and placement techniques to ensure the highest quality of filling

Metal Fillings - £90 

Metal fillings for back teeth 

Gum Disease Examination - Includes Private Check up + Complete Periodontal Exam - £80

Complete assessment of the condition of your gum health and related tissues. Includes standard dental check up + diagnosis of periodontal conditions , current status of health , assessments + x rays and treatment options + life long prevention care plans.

Gum Disease Treatment - £200 per 45 minute sessions max 6 sessions depending on extent of disease

Treatment for gum disease 

Depending on the amount of teeth affected by gum disease in your mouth 

You would require gum disease treatment which we split into areas of the mouth depending on the extent 

If you just have gum disease in 1 area it would be 1 session 

If it is the whole mouth and extensive it could be up to 6 sessions that we recommend to treat gum disease 

Extraction - Single root tooth extraction £120

Extraction of an incisor or premolar tooth. Does not include molar teeth or wisdom teeth  

Extraction - Molar tooth £170

Extraction of molar tooth upper and lower - does not include wisdom teeth

Crowns - All White £650 - Metal £500

Extraction of molar tooth upper and lower - does not include wisdom teeth

Private Dentures - Acrylic £600 per arch - Chrome £1100

We offer a range of different types of dentures starting from £600 per set 

Book in for a consultation to discuss the different options

Patient Plan - Amber/Medium Risk Category £22 per month 

Following our unique assessment of your dental health , condition and oral hygiene. We place you in a green , yellow or red risk category for suffering from specific dental issues.

Amber category - Medium Risk Plan

Includes 2 check ups per year and 2 Scale and Polishes 

You will also receive 5% off treatment.

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