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Plymstock Dental Clinic is a new private dental practice in Plymouth. 

Offering all types of General Dentistry + Cosmetic Dentistry + Expertise in management of Gum Disease and preventing tooth loss.

Dental Phobia/Anxiety is the most common phobia in the UK with more people being worried about dentist appointments than being scared of spiders.

Unfortunately due to previous bad experiences, poor dentistry and poor communication from the dental team , patients can be left fearful of what happens during a dental appointment often letting this fear lead to missed appointments , untreated dental problems and a spiralling cycle of dental neglect.

From the fear of not knowing whats going on , to not being numb , to fear of the needle , the noises and the whole dental environment unfortunately in certain cases can put people off dental treatment for life. 

Without a caring, professional, well trained and empathetic dental team the fear of these patients will never go away leading to a decline in dental and oral health and often needing emergency care until all teeth are lost at a young age and then provided with a basic replacement denture.


Our dental team strive to make the most nervous off patients slowly and gradually acclimatise to the dental environment. 

Through the use of our caring , calm , informative professional manner we have vast experience in helping the most nervous of patients comfortable in a dental environment ensuring the dental neglect is no more and we are able to keep on top of their dental health. Ensuring smiles for life!


We have successful experience in treating the most nervous of patients. 


Mr K was so nervous he had not visited the dentist since the age of 15 when he had 4 teeth pulled out during a horrendous dental visit. Since then he hasn't stepped foot in a practice - ignoring dental pain and even sending his young children into the practice alone for appointments!

We took time to understand the phobia and gradually using different psychological techniques helped Mr K become accustomed to the dental environment and he allowed us to complete a check up and then slowly re introduced treatments such and cleaning and fillings. At all times Mr K was in control and we only carried out as much treatment as he felt comfortable with. Every patient and fear is different so we take time to understand each individual case as some nervous patients like to know exactly what is happening and take things slowly over multiple appointments , others would prefer to close their eyes and have the treatment completed as soon as possible.

All of Mr K's treatment was carried out without the need for sedation which as well as having many risks has a long waiting list during which problems can increase


We understand how important dental experiences are from the fear of pain , to the fear of loss of teeth to the fear of not knowing how much things will cost. We do all we can to ensure you receive the best dentistry, comfortably.

We encourage a 2 way consultation where you ask as many questions as you need to, so you feel content with going ahead and we keep you involved and informed before all procedures giving you all of your available options , the risks , the benefits and the likely timeframes and costs. At all times our clients best interests are put first in all clinical and non clinical decision making processes.

Our team have been trained at the best universities in Britain and follow the highest evidence based treatment standards and are also caring  and strive to

perfect clinical skills.

So you can be sure your smile is in safe hands.

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