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Composite Bonding 

Composite Bonding is a new unique method to change the way your smile looks through careful planning and execution.

Composite is a white filling material which can be shaped and moulded into any form to provide tweaks to an individuals smile making it exactly how they desire without drilling or damaging any natural tooth structure. This can be used to change the shape or shade of teeth, correct crowding , fix broken teeth , close gaps and much more.

At Plymstock Dental Clinic we work with you to plan and deliver a smile of your dreams. Having been trained by leading experts on composite bonding and utilising up to date international techniques , we ensure we remove the risk of the unknown working with you to provide the smile of your dreams with no damage to your own teeth. You are involved in the design process and made aware of all available options and the risks and benefits associated, to ensure you can make an informed decision.

Prices per tooth start from £250 - our cosmetic consultation appointment is available for free with a full dental check up.

Cosmetic Consultation Appointment

Consultation appointment to discuss your suitability and options for composite bonding / invisalign / porcelain veneers / whitening

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