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Gum Disease / Periodontitis

Gum Disease is the worst condition that can affect a persons mouth. 

If not identified and treated early it is the only disease of the mouth that can lead to complete Teeth and Bone loss meaning not only will you lose your teeth but you will also lose the Jaw Bone that holds the teeth in place, which unfortunately affects how well any dentures/implants fit.

It is also the only condition of the mouth which has a direct affect on our general health - university studies showing active gum disease has a negative affect on both cardiovascular health and diabetes. Research which has been championed by Europe's number 1 expert on gum disease Professor Iain Chapple from the University of Birmingham, who has provided many hours of teaching to our dental team.

It is important to note well treated gum disease can also have a positive affect on the condition of diabetes and cardiovascular health.

What does this mean?

Without healthy gums nothing in the mouth will last for more than a few months/years.

No matter how expensive the implants/crowns/veneers/bonding you have is , if you have undiagnosed/incorrectly managed gum disease this treatment will suffer and will not last.

What do we do?

Here at Plymstock Dental Clinic we are Plymouth , Devon and the South Wests premier clinic for the diagnoses, treatment and lifelong control of gum disease. 

Our dentist has been specially trained in gum disease and is in the process of completing a postgraduate MSC in the subject. This means you can be sure your gums/teeth are in the best hands and have the best chance of survival. 

We have a perfect success rate of diagnosing and successfully managing gum disease to allow our patients to live a comfortable and healthy life with the thought of having no teeth being put to bed.

Strong Healthy teeth are vital to maintain a balanced full and healthy diet.

As well as the affects on confidence and relationships the importance of having teeth that fulfil their function is unmatched.

Gums (periodontal tissues) are the vital roots/backbone of having healthy teeth and with gum disease being one of the major mistreated aspects of dentistry within the uk today you can be sure at Plymstock Dental Clinic that if you suffer from gum disease you are in the most capable hands in the south west.

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