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Gum Disease Treatment Aftercare

Read below to find out what you can expect after gum disease treatment

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What to expect after gum disease treatment?

Deep cleaning is a vital part of gum disease treatment

If not carried out correctly unfortunately your gum disease will not heal and stabilise 

This deep cleaning can lead to soreness around the area for up to 2 weeks following the treatment 

During this time it is vital to maintain the oral hygiene routine explained to you by our dentists as not doing this will lead to further pain and degradation 


Longer team healing of the gums involves reduction of swelling - as during active gum disease the gums become swollen 

So during successful healing you can expect your gums to shrink (which may be confusing) but they are shrinking and becoming healthier and tighter sealing the teeth not allowing bugs to get into your gums anymore 

This shrinking will make the teeth appear longer and also expose root surfaces of the teeth which can lead to sensitivity this can be readily managed through application of sensitive toothpastes or treatment by us in more severe cases

Read more about managing tooth sensitivity here 



If you have had gum disease treatment with us and you have any concerns or questions Do not hesitate to contact us on 07 828 268 368

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