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Dental Emergency / Toothache / Pain /  Swelling / Broken Tooth / Tooth Fallen out

What to do?

Dental Emergencies always seem to occur when you least expect it

We ensure we have professional policies and procedures in place to help you deal with an emergency when it happens


What is a dental emergency?

If you have an unmanageable amount of pain , swelling or bleeding

If you have had a tooth broken or completely knocked out – if knocked out place the tooth in milk and try and see us within an hour

Bleeding from an extracted tooth if you have applied pressure for 30 minutes using gauze  or a clean handkerchief and the bleeding is not stopping


Sudden swellings around the lower face – can be more serious if it is affecting breathing you need to go to accident and emergency or contact 999 if severe or 111

Please don’t call 999 for other dental issues or medical non-emergencies.



What probably isn’t a dental emergency?

Chipped teeth , lost fillings , lost crowns or general tooth ache when eating

This pain can be avoided by not eating on the affected side and you are usually able to wait until the next day to see the dentist


Who to contact out of hours?

If you have a real emergency, get in touch on the number below, and you’ll get straight through to the NHS emergency dental service. If you’re not sure if it's that critical, you can get non-urgent medical/dental advice by dialling NHS direct on 111.

If for any reason you’re unable to get the help you need for a dental-related health emergency, then go to the emergency A&E department at your local hospital. They'll be able to help.


NHS Emergency Dentist Appointments

NHS Out of Hours Emergency Dental Service Devon 0333 006 3300 


Private Emergency Appointments at Plymstock Dental Clinic

Please message us on whatsapp if you have an urgent issue 07828 268 368


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