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Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Have you recently had a tooth taken out find out more about what to expect after your tooth removal and how you can ensure good healing

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Tooth Extraction After Care

Have you recently had a tooth taken out?

Hopefully the experience was pain free and as pleasant as it can be

Unfortunately even after removal of the tooth your gums and jaw bone around the area take a while to heal 

Follow our guide to ensure you give your mouth the best chance to heal 



What you can expect after extraction?
Swelling of the area - this is normal due to the bodys response to allow the area to heal 

Bruising of the area - again due to the nature of having a tooth taken out it is normal to expect brusing in the area

Bleeding of the site - small amounts of blood leaking from the site are normal for up to 3 weeks after an extraction - however if bleeding is profuse you will need to apply pressure onto the socket with gauze given to you by the dental practice - you can do this by placing the gauze over the socket and biting firmly for 15 minutes this should stop the bleeding


How long do these symptoms last?

In most cases these symptoms last from a few days after the extraction up to 2/3 weeks

Depending on each individuals medical situation it may be longer or shorter than this 



What can you do to ensure good healing after a tooth extraction?


For the first 24 hours after a tooth extraction you should not spit out anything from your mouth or rinse your mouth Why? Before you leave our surgery we ensure a blood clot has filled the hole where your tooth was if you spit or rinse within 24 hours this blood clot can be removed leading to exposed bone which can be very painful and tender 

After the first 24 hours you should be rinsing your mouth with luke warm water with a table spoon of salt every few hours especially after eating 

Meals - try to avoid eating on the side of the extraction until healing takes place - after the first 24 hours rinse with salt water after meals to keep the area clean of food debris 

You can brush the teeth either side and around the area as normal 

Normal over the counter painkillers can be taken to ease the pain from the bruising and swelling 


If you smoke this is high risk for poor healing and you are advised to really try and avoid smoking for the duration of healing especially the first 48 hours otherwise you are at risk of Dry socket which can be more painful than your initial toothache

If you have had a tooth out with us you can contact us for more advice or if you have any questions 


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