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Fillings Aftercare

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White / Metal Amalgam or Temporary Fillings

Have you just had a dental filling ?

Dental fillings are often used to replace decayed or broken teeth 

This often involves drilling and cleaning the broken or decayed parts of the tooth and replacing the removed tooth with either a white/composite or metal/amalgam filling material 


Each tooth has its own nerve supply and as such when you drill a tooth or place a new filling onto a tooth it is likely the nerve is stimulated and will take time to settle down following a filling


You can expect the teeth you have had filled to be sore for a few days up to a couple of weeks depending on the depth and size of the filling


Big deep fillings will take longer to settle down compared to smaller fillings 


Metal fillings take 24 hours to set completely so we advise not to eat on those fillings until they are completely set 0 24 hours after your appointment

White Composite Fillings set straight away using our dental light - so technically you can bite on these fillings straight away - however as these chemically bond to the tooth they are usually more sensitive post treatment.

So we advise not to chew with these teeth until the sensitivity settles down - you can also apply sensitive toothpaste directly to the tooth to help this settle


Large and Deep or Temporary Fillings close to the nerve or the gum can take up to a few weeks to settle - during this time we advice not to eat on the tooth and allow the filling to settle 


If you have any concerns regarding any fillings or treatment you have had with either us or another dentist you can contact us on 07 828 268 368


At Plymstock Dental Clinic We only use the most advanced materials and techniques to ensure fillings have the best chance to help restore your tooth


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